Commercial Litigation

commercial litigationPart of human nature is that we have disagreements or disputes with other people or organisations. In some cases, these disputes have a legal or financial significance requiring the assistance and advice of a solicitor.

Although there are many types of dispute that lead to litigation, the framework for the litigation itself is often similar. In other words, while there are specific procedures that apply, in most cases litigation, whether commercial or otherwise, involves the following steps:

  • Meeting and taking full details of the case
  • Gathering relevant information and documents
  • Engaging in correspondence with the other party
  • Briefing counsel where appropriate
  • Meeting to discuss the legal issues involved
  • Preparing details of the claim including wrongs alleged and losses incurred or considering the merits or otherwise of the case if defending a claim.
  • Attending Court for various applications relating to the litigation
  • Seeking or providing discovery of documents
  • Preparing for and attending the Trial

At Tom Conlon Solicitors, we aim for efficient resolution of the issues involved. We take the time to get a good grasp of the issues at the outset and provide the necessary skill and guidance to deliver the best possible result in all the circumstances.

One of the key issues in litigation is knowing when to engage additional expertise and who to engage, such as barristers at the law library, or forensic accountants, patent agent, engineers, architects, or technology experts. We have engaged a variety of specialists over the years who are in a position to assist where appropriate.