Medical Negligence

medical neglienceAt Tom Conlon Solicitors, we have considerable experience of handling medical accident cases ranging from orthopaedic injury cases to cerebral palsy cases and other miscellaneous cases.

We have access to independent medical specialists who consider the records and other evidence on our behalf before preparing independent reports which form the basis of the decision whether or not to proceed to litigation.

In medical negligence cases, it is important that instructions should be given to a solicitor as soon as possible as the time limit for commencing a case is normally two years from the date of the incident where the injured party is an adult. It should be noted that a lot of initial work must be done before proceedings can be properly instituted.

Although the two year period does not commence for injured children until they reach the age of majority, it is essential for a parent or guardian not to delay too long as records may be lost or destroyed and memories may fade, thus making it more difficult to establish the facts necessary to succeed.