Where somebody has failed to do something which they are obliged to do, or is doing something which they are not entitled to do, and where damages would not be an adequate remedy to resolve to issue in the longer term, it is open to a person to apply for a court injunction. Injunctions are court orders which might tell a person that they are not allowed to do a certain act.

The purpose of the injunction may be, for example, to freeze a person?s assets or to prevent someone from leaving the country, or to stop a person causing noise at night time, or to prevent a corporate body from acting in a particular way.

A court order will often be made after deciding whether the ?balance of convenience? requires the intervention of the courts or not pending a full hearing of the case at a later date.

Another area in which an injunction might be applied for by an individual is when a relationship has broken down and one party is harassing, threatening or assaulting the other. These injunctions are known as “Domestic Violence Injunctions”. Such orders can prevent someone harassing or assaulting you or coming within a certain distance of your home or order someone to leave your home.? An injunction might also prevent somebody publishing something about you which you do not like.

At Tom Conlon Solicitors, we offer advice in relation to injunctions at an early stage and arrange for speedy court applications, where appropriate.